No doubt about it – this is a fundraiser! Learn more about Washington Area Bicyclists Association’s Women & Bicycles program!

While ride’s gonna be awesome, and I look forward to as many of you joining me as possible, what will make this a success at the end of the day is more resources in the hands of WABA for the Women & Bicycles program.

In Washington DC itself, women make up 54% of the population, but only 24% of bike trips are made by women.  Whaat?  No, we want to see that percentage to grow!

WABA’s Women & Bicycles program seeks to get more women on bikes through programming that will provide information targeted to overcome barriers to cycling, provide coordination and mentoring, create a cohesive network, and more.  Last year, many of you helped put several thousand dollars in the hands of this program.  What did we get out of it?

In 2013 the Women & Bicycles program worked with over 1,100 women through 65+ events and used their mentorship model to get well over 300 women out on the road and on two wheels. Bicycling Magazine named the program one of the leading innovative approaches in bike advocacy, and this model is inspiring other similar programs across the United States.

Please become a ride supporter by donating to WABA.

If you’re coming to the Hains Point 100, then please use the sign-up form.  At the end of the sign-up form, you will also be given the donation link there, too.

Donations made directly to WABA are charitable contributions to a 501(c)(3).

Funding Levels
* $5 – Foam Fingered Fan
* $10 – Wheel Sucker
* $25 – Feed Zone Musette Distributor
* $50 – Domestique
* $100 – Super Domestique
* $250 – Lead Out
* $500 – Edgar (if you need an explanation ask Tyler Hamilton)

A cash donation jar will also be on-site the day of the ride.